Monday, June 6, 2016

Trendsetter's Bazaar Review May 2016

Last May 29, 2016, my mother and I decided to visit Trendsetter's Bazaar at the World Trade Center. And, it was an awesome experience. With all the affordable stuffs, beautiful outfits, and summer inspired attire, the transportation fee and effort was all worth it (because I'm from Laguna)

Actually, I've been wanting to visit bazaar for a long time ago, but I don't know what bazaar should I go. That's why when I saw the Trendsetter account in the Instagram, it was like a perfect "answer" to my question.

Aside from all the great finds. This bazaar also loves to give freebies and stuffs to its customers and I commend them for that.

Free Ticket
Free Discount Coupon

Shopping giveaway
Gift for the first 100 shoppers
As we were roaming around, there are just some things that I noticed. Some things that you should be aware of when you want to visit the bazaar.

First and foremost, most of the clothes are "free size". So, for plus size women I think there will be less clothes options for you (unless on the next bazaar there will be a brand focused on plus size women). 

Secondly, the fitting rooms or should I say fitting area, is not spacious enough to fit clothes comfortably. That's why I suggest, that if you're planning to buy garments, especially pants, you should wear comfortable and fitted clothes. So that, upon fitting, you can just put it on top of what you wear. Less hassle my friend..

Aside from apparels, I've also got to see bags, shoes, make ups, onesies, accessories, phone cases, food, and many more. 

Overall, my first time experience was great! I got to buy 3 blouses, (2 from seventh street - I'll be posting my ootd soon). The items were really worth spending. That's why me and my friend is planning to come back to their next bazaar schedule.

I don't want to miss the free workshop by top bloggers: Laureen Uy, Nicole Anderson, Say Tioco and many more.

Oh, I forgot to say that entrance fee is 100.00 php, but you can get it for free. To know more about the freebies just visit their ig account -
By the way, here's my photo taken at the venue:

I've also got to receive free discount coupons for the next event..

Credits to the following site for some of the photos that I used:


  1. Hi ate Mae good luck for your journey as a blogger!!!

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  3. Mahal po ba yung mga products? Let's say sneakers, clothes and make ups? Or parang divi prices din? :) Thanks.

    1. Hello po :) Regarding sa prices it depends sa brand. Based sa experience ko yung mga clothes naman as low as 100php may mabibili ka na. Usually ang mga brands dun mga online shops and worth it yung mga products nila! Sa makeups naman US authentic brands so ang mga prices siguro 300 plus, pero kasi authentic talaga yung products as to sneakers kung hindi ako nagkakamali same lang din ng price sa mall maliban lang kung sale or discounted :)