Thursday, June 2, 2016

Back to School Guide for Teenagers out there

The idea of "GOING BACK TO SCHOOL" is positive and kind of exciting to some BUT sounds negative and tiring to many. Just thinking of waking up early, doing a lot of homework, hearing your classmate's dramas, following your teacher's commands and memorizing for recitations and exams, makes you want to bring back summer time again. Some would say, "I thought you misses school," but the truth is:

With the enrollment and "brigada eskwela" now going on plus all the advertisements talking about the start of class, I think it's time to accept the fact that school time is really approaching. It's something we can't control fellas, unless you have the power to stop time(time manipulation) (which is kind of impossible...)

So, instead of being bitter-thinking of all the negatives, I'll just share to you guys how you can prepare for it and make this upcoming school year a successful one.

4 Ways to Prepare for Going Back to School: 
 1. Adjust your Sleep Schedule - According to the article that I've read, "a habit is created in three(3) weeks - 21 days)." Then, for at least three(3) weeks before the class starts, try to get at least eight hours of sleep at night consecutively. Also, try to get into a routine of waking up in your usual waking time when you have a class, in order to reset your internal clock (example: sleep at 10pm and wake up at 6am)

2. Establish Healthy Habits - Aside from getting enough sleep, setting up a schedule for exercising at least three times a week is a must. Also, get in the habit of eating healthy foods and not skipping meals. You should remember that your brain can't function at full capacity unless you treat your body right.

3. Exercise your thinking muscles - I bet you guys enjoyed this summer very much: watching television, browsing and updating your social media sites and strolling anywhere. So I guess a little brain exercise before the class start should not be missed. Try to do some reading or even some brainteasers, such as crossword puzzles, word scrabble and Sudoku. It will be a great help to manage heavy thinking as the semester starts. 
Try this one:

4. Have the Proper School Supplies that you need for your classes - The last but not the least, and the most important part for someone who loves to shop school supplies like me, is having the proper stuffs that you need for your classes. I think buying things that make you excited for school (at some point) gives you a positive impression of going back to school. But, you should not also forget to consider your parent's budget. Take a look at it: ways to reuse old school supplies, crafts and arts

Preparation upon going back to school might seem hard and hassle for you guys. But, I tell you it's all about setting HABITS! The more you prepare yourself for the move to the next level, the more you will be able to enjoy yourself upon starting classes. 

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