Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bato Springs Resort

Location map of Bato Springs Resort

Bato Springs Resort is located at San Pablo, Laguna. It is already been in its 30th year and known for its natural spring and waterfalls. According to them the water that flows throughout the resort comes from Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. 

Admission Fee:
P70.00 to P80.00 (day), P125.00 (overnight)
Room Price Range:
P1,300 to P7,500.00
other features:
Pavilion, KTV

Monday, May 30, 2016

About the Blogger

Creating and starting a blog was always been one of my dreams. There's no particular reason for that, it's just kind of "a feeling" that I do want to have my own blog. I'm actually a shy person, someone who choose and enjoy being alone. I can also get along well with many people, it's just that  I always enjoy my "ME TIME"

Personal information:

I'm proudly Filipina, 20 years of age and a graduating student of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Actually, taking up Accountancy is not really my first choice because I do really want to become a Fashion Designer but due to some personal reasons I need to finish that course first before pursuing my dream.

Since I like "art" that much, I even started my small business selling "crocheted things". But due to busy schedule I need to stop that for now.

So as you can see, there a lot of things that I do want to do but I can't do because of my current situation. But it doesn't mean that I'm sad, disappointed or depressed. I'm actually HAPPY!
And that's what I want to be the mood of my blog...

Things do not always go on our side. There are uncontrollable things around us that gives us sadness, disappointments and even depression. But we must not forget that there is a thing called "CHOICE". It will always be your choice on how you'll respond to all the offerings of life. And, as for me I chose to be HAPPY and CONTENTED.