Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Back to School Guide for Teenagers out there Part 2

As promised, here's the Second Part of "Back to School Guide for Teenagers out there" (link to First part)

After all the preparations at home, it's now probably the start of "bloody brain war." With all the exams, assignments and projects coming ahead, I think it's the best time to do some PLANNING! Most especially when your teacher looks like this...

As the Class Starts...
1. Know your Schedule - First and foremost, you must know your schedule. You cannot manage your time properly if you don't know how your class will go for the year. Knowing so, will allow you to plan ahead of time and give yourself a proper time for every task assigned.

2. Get an Agenda - In connection with the no.1 tip, upon knowing your schedule, you can now start planning. Time management is a key on staying on top of whatever you do.
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3. List your Goals - Aside from your schedule, you should also list your academic and extra-curricular goals  (ex. you want to be part of the top students or you want to be part of varsity) School days is definitely the busiest time for a teenager, so to make sure that everything is done accordingly. Listing and planning is a must.

4. Establish the Habit of Studying Everyday - If you read my previous blog post, I stated there that you can establish a habit for a span of 3 weeks - 21 days. That's why I suggest that you must dedicate a little bit of your time everyday on reading and studying your subjects. It might sounds hard, but I'm definite that it will bring a great impact on your grades. 

We must stop procrastination!

5. Learn what type of Learner are you - Actually most people don't know and even don't give attention on this part, but in reality this is VERY IMPORTANT my dear friends! 

There are three types of learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Knowing what type of learner are you will best help you in your studies. Aside from high grades, it will also make your study time kind of "EASIER."

To help you know what type of learner are you, take this test!

6. Get Involved - You must not limit your schedule on studies alone. Getting involved with school activities will also benefit you. You'll be able to pursue your interest and at the same time meet new friends. You must join clubs that interests you.

Sports clubs

Art Clubs
Dance Club

7. Stay Away from the Drama - As students, we are not exempted from personal problems, life issues and many more. But we must not forget that "school is school." Drama can take your focus away from school. It will make you feel miserable and just want you to stop going to school. So in order not to be focused on things around you, just stay away from dramas of life.

With all the tips and guidelines I've stated, I hope that I help you in my small little way. And, let's make this school year the best year ever!

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