Friday, June 17, 2016

Trendsetter's Bazaar with Laureen Uy and other celebs

Aloha Trendsetters! As promised, I really did not let miss the chance of attending "Trendsetter's Bazaar- Free Workshop Series" this June 2016. Along with my friend (@khimberlu), we arrived really early and I've got to be the very first person to sign up.

We also got the chance to have that VIP Sitting for Skinline Essentials' informative talk about skin types and Laureen Uy's fashion and blogging workshop. 

Skinline Essentials' CEO

Laureen Uy during the question and answer session

( By the way, I'll be posting a separate blog post for Laureen Uy's talk. Stay tuned!)

I also got to have this special moment with her. I really love her! She's so sweet and kind!
( Detailed story on my next blog post ) 

Aside from the Free Workshop, another great experience I can share to you guys, is I've got to meet the following beautiful celebs:

Megan Young - Miss World 2013

Lauren Young

Maxene Magalona
Saab Magalona
They were selling their preloved items and I can say that everything was great. You can purchase an item for as low as 100php. Go and visit " Besh Buy" stall as you visit the bazaar.

My second Trendsetter Experience was really awesome! It was really worth the effort. So, I hope that you come and also got to experience and share your Trendsetter experience just as I did!
For my Trendsetter bazaar haul, I'll be posting a separate blog post soon together with Laureen Uy's workshop video! Here's the link:

Just keep on visiting and reading my blog. I hope that you enjoyed it.

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  1. Hi Esther! It's Hayley from my Youtube channel! I wanted to stop by and check out your blog. I LOVE the design! It's beautiful! Keep up the good work on your blog!! xx, Hayley Paige

    1. Oh my gosh! Hayley, thank you for visiting my blog. I am new in this industry and I find your blog as one of my inspirations. I hope that someday I'll be able to turn this blog into profit :) Writing and fashion is really my passion that's why I started this blog.
      once again, thank you for noticing me, it really inspires me a lot. May God bless you more :)