Friday, December 30, 2016

Thank you 2016!

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2016 is the year when I feel like God pushed me through the edge of the cliff and the year when I realized that instead of falling, I can spread my wings and fly.
The year when I got to know myself more and the people around me.

The year when I've got to see and experience the reality of life and just let God help me survive in this messy world.

I can say that this is the most depressing and exhausting year YET the most adventurous, exciting and most memorable year in my life so far.

I've got to appreciate more the love I've been receiving from my family and friends.

I've got to appreciate more the creation of our Lord that He let us use for free - the sea below, the sky above, the air around us and most especially my life.

The year when the Lord taught me to have joy in my heart despite of all the hardship and pain.

Before I end this post I just want to share this life verse of mine: Jer. 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you"

.God's plan for you is far more beautiful than any man can think of, for He is our all-knowing God.

Sometimes, you might feel like you're alone and you're about to fall on the cliff BUT my friend, it might be His way of knowing if you'll trust Him and fly or you'll just let go and fall.

Thank you 2016 and a blessed 2017 ahead.
P. S to all my readers and to all the advertisers who sent me invites, I do really want to thank you for considering my blog. I know that I'm just a newbie in this industry but thank you for appreciating my work and trusting me. I hope that I've been a blessing to you as you all became a blessing to my life. 

I love you all ❤

Thank you for visiting Esther's choice and a blessed year ahead to all of us.

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