Friday, July 1, 2016

Whom shall I trust?

TRUST is always been an issue among people nowadays. Scams, broken relationships, and other mistrust issues is now all over the place.
As time passes by, people are getting more self-centered and greedier. Situations like these, makes people hard to trust anyone and just focus on oneself. BUT dear friends, we must not forget that we are not alone. People might disappoint us or even hurt us but there is a GOD whom we can trust.

This message of God simply asks us to fully put our trust in the Lord in whatever situation we are. When we have problems and life seems so miserable, tiring and hopeless, we must first seek the help of God. We must not lean on our own knowledge for it might not lead us to goodness instead might bring us disappointments, since our knowledge and abilities are limited, unlike God whose the source of everything. So, why not trust God?

Trust (Hillsong Young and Free) / Trust in you (Lauren Daigle)

We must always remember that for us to survive in this chaotic world, the only thing we should do is to put our trust in the Lord and let Him in, in your life.


  1. Thank you so much for this! Its so inspiring and really helped me a lot!❤

    1. oh hello! Lakiera Thompson,I'm so happy that I'm about to inspire you with this :) To God be all the glory :) and always trust Him!