Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cry_Wolf: a lying game 2005

“Nobody believes a liar - even when they're telling the truth.” Have you read about the story of Shepherd Boy and the Wolf? It’s about the boy making fun and lying about a wolf attacking the herd of sheep. People got tired of him and didn’t want to believe him anymore so when the time came when a real wolf attacked, no one was there to save him. Moral of the story? A liar's truth is seldom believed. What if there’s a movie about lies and deceptions? Are you all willing to watch it?

I am no pro when it comes to movies or stuffs like that but one thing is for certain—I am a die-hard fan of crazy twists and wild turns of a storyline. I love being surprised and surely hate a vanilla kind of movie. By vanilla, I mean the generic ones. You know what I mean? I respect every person who wants to produce something to entertain all the viewers. However, entertain, for some, is overstatement. We cannot hide the fact that not all movies can and will bring joy to the audience. This is not to discredit some movies but people obviously have different tastes and favorite genres. My opinion will be biased just like every other opinion.

Initially, I wanted to list my personal top 10 movies but then I decided not to. I thought maybe I should go straight to my top 1 and share my thoughts about it. I don’t want to completely spoil the readers about it; I am just hyping it so they will be motivated to watch it. I know some (who have seen the movie already) may disagree but nothing will stop me to write about my favorite movie of all time- "Cry_Wolf".

It is drama, horror and mystery rolled into one amazing movie. I bet you. You will never see the ending coming. AMAZING. It is a great saga of manipulation, unprecedented series of events and an ending that will make your jaw drop! If you are a puzzle-person, this movie is tailor-made for you! All scenes are like pieces waiting to be put together, and the moment you think you have it figured out, you will realize you are wrong the entire time. 

What makes a good movie is a likeable underdog story of a likeable character surrounded by likeable people. Here’s the thing about this movie. The characters are all polarizing. The scriptwriters (and the editors) made an excellent job to show both of the good and bad side of all the characters. Even the main protagonist of the story was not even edited to be the golden boy who-can-do-no-wrong. The group was established to be not fractured, but as the saying goes “expect the unexpected”. The plot is coherent and there are layers within layers. Viewers should pay attention to every detail of every conversation. Foreshadowing is shown a lot in this movie, given that you are clearly following the plotline. Back stories are also told in a very classic way. 


        It is all about the game: Avoid suspicion. Manipulate your friends. Eliminate your enemies. This gave the group an idea to come up with a rumor about a serial killer “the Wolf” killing a young woman. What if the Wolf really exists? What if people found out that they only made up a story? How can they make people believe a made up story even if they are already telling the truth? What if the game suddenly turns into a terrifying reality? What if one by one people start dying? When will this game end?

I am not going to talk about the movie effects or anything, okay? I am just focusing on the twists and storylines because apparently this movie was made using a small budget. The production succeeded on making a O-some movie anyway. I suggest you all watch it.

I challenge you all. Can you guess who the wolf is? No cheating please!


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