Friday, July 8, 2016

DIY Calendar and To-do list note pad - Organization tips

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For around a week ago, I visited the bookstore to buy a calendar (for I'll be needing this for organizing and keeping track of my schedule since its "BACK TO SCHOOL TIME") but unfortunately I can't find one. Maybe because it's already mid year that's why calendars are out of stock. So, the desperate me, browsed the internet and Viola! I have an idea!

 Instead of roaming through different bookstores just to find a calendar I decided to just made one! And, this is what I'll share to you guys.

You'll be needing:
Brown Folders

Colored papers

Paper fasteners

free printable calendars -

And most especially a creative mind!

First: Choose the calendar design that you want then print it.

Second: Cut what you printed according to your desired size.

Third: Use the brown folder as the cover of your calendar. Cut it larger than the size of the printed calendar  (with additional half inch on each side).

Fourth: Fasten the printed calendar on the folder using the paper fastener ( you can use ribbon, spring or ring )

Fifth: Embellished the cover using the colored paper or anything you want to make it more personalized.  

diy calendar, new year project

Aside from the personalized calendar, I was also able to create my own to do list notepad. Printable to do list template:

diy to do notes, projects

It might seem childish, but I tell you guys, calendar and to do list notepad is a necessity especially for busy people. Actually you can just use apps from your phone. But as for me, I find it more effective if I can write on it and personalized it the way I want. 

I hope that it'll help you organize stuffs ( school works, project deadlines, upcoming exams, events ) as it helps me. By the way, don't forget to hit the "Join this site" button ( below the "About the Blogger" portion located on the upper-right part of the blog ). THANK YOU!